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Sportneer Half Balance Ball Balance Board with Resistance Bands Balance Trainer

Sportneer Half Balance Ball Balance Board with Resistance Bands Balance Trainer

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Half Balance Ball Balance Board with Resistance Bands Balance Trainer

BURST-RESISTANT:Forget about the burst. Designed with 4mm thick PVC, this balance ball can work under the maximum pressure of 300 lbs
Extreme Anti-skid Performance:Abrasion-resistant ABS platform with 8 anti-slide floor pads and non-slip durable standing surface for maximum stability and added strength, you'll feel stable while exercising even when you're sweaty
ONE KIT GYM:Built with a non-slip base of 23.4 inches in diameter, and comes with two resistance bands, this exercise ball help tone your core muscles, improve balance and stability, rehabilitate muscles after injury, and relax from noisy surroundings
ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE:Pump up with the included pump to increase or decrease board stability as desired
FULL BODY FITNESS:Strengthen your muscles as well as practice your mental focus with push-ups, squats, crunches, climbers, lunges, planks and many more workouts with this half ball and exercise bands.
Build your muscle strength and flexibility as well as improve your balance with Sportneer Balance Ball Trainer.
More Gain, Less Pain
The Sportneer Balance Training Ball provides added intensity during core, endurance, and strength training exercises. It can also be used as a much-needed spine support while sitting! Whether you're building muscle or developing proper posture, the Sportneer Balance Ball will help you become your best self.
One Kit Gym
Who needs a gym membership? This portable half balance ball will whip you into shape from head to toe. Use it for sit ups, push ups, planks, front lunges, deep squats, one-legged squats, balance improvement, and so much more.
All in all, this Balance Ball Trainer will help you with:
- Balance Training
- Core Development
- Strength Training
- Physical Therapy
Puncture Proof
Superior Material
The Sportneer Balance Trainer is designed with durable and extra-thick 4mm PVC material, supporting up to 300 lbs without popping or tearing.It is constructed of a durable rubber base which is also anti-slip. It'll maintain its shape no matter how often (or how intensely) it's used.
Performing any exercise routine, like push-ups, side planks, mountain climbs, front lunges and more, with this half balance ball instantly will improve your balance and amp up your speeds along the road to your workout goals.
Balance Trainer
2 Detachable Resistance Bands
Build the body of your dreams in no time! Two detachable 30 inches resistance bands will supercharge your workouts, providing a great alternative to bulky hand weights.Squishy foam handles allow for comfortable use for hours on end. Take the burn to your core, upper arms, and chest all without leaving your living room.
Workout Guide
And if you're in need of a helping hand, this Balance Board comes with a list of attached exercises that will help you to maintain good posture and reduce the risk of injury during your workouts.
Inflate in a Snap
1.When inflating with the pump,please connect the BLUE air let.
2.Remove the air plug with the included plug remover
3.Insert the pump nozzle into the ball
4.Press down on the pump until the ball is 90% inflated
5.Reinsert the air plug
Stable, Slip-free Base
Don't worry about slipping and sliding. Eight non-slip rubber pads keep the balance ball firmly in place no matter how much you move.
Package Contents
1 x Sportneer Balance Board
2 x Elastic Strings
1 x Air Pump
1 x Valve Plug
1 x Valve Plug Remover

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